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It is not your mother’s HTML

Back to a few years ago, when i started writing HTML, it was something like magic, when you find yourself with just a few keywords brings the life to a blank web page, in this time i was struggling with C++ in my college, but after i found this true magic i throw all of this away.

For the first time i including an image to my page and writing my first CSS style line, i feel a power.

Then the big love story between me and the web development has been started.

After some heavy practice and CMS developing, the HTML start to fade away, and when someone ask me about it in an interview, i say in my mind “this man is silly“.

But latter when i see some thing like this i quote Chrome Experiments in

It is not your mother’s HTML.

This evolution which tilted HTML5, which brings a new dimension in web development, a massive amount of flexibility and performance measures to web applications and give alternatives to somethings like flash and serverlight.

There is many and many new features included in HTML5, which i promise to discuss separately but to that time, i leave you with the magic.

But remember “IT IS NO YOUR MOTHER’s HTML”

Chrome Experiments