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Don’t only know what you just want !!

If you say “i know something”, do you really mean it?!

Actually, during my learning path in web development field, when i face something that i don’t know how it works, or even i don’t know how to accomplish a specific task, i go through Google and start looking for a way to perform it, when i just find what i want and everything work as it suppose to, i close the page and search for another task, this give me the feeling that i know that something, but do i really know it?!!.

Unfortunately NO :-S

As every time i go to my team leader and told him that i perform the task, he stare to me and say your ambition is clearly high but you have a lack of the ability to self-improve, this make me confused, HOW COME?!!, i perform my task in the best way ever and in the same time i learn something new.

But once i give myself a break and thinking about this, i found that every technology i use is containing a huge amount of details, and sticky methods which looks alike, really i don’t know which is the factors that makes me use this and leave that.

A simple example is why i use <em> and <strong> while i don’t use <i> and <b> [which basically do the same thing], the short answer which will come first to my head is the <em> and <strong> tags are more popular, but after a small search i know that is not true and there is a difference.

This leads me to have a conclusion which tell me that i will not just know what make me perform a task, but i will know every thing that i can arrive to 🙂