It is not your mother’s HTML

Back to a few years ago, when i started writing HTML, it was something like magic, when you find yourself with just a few keywords brings the life to a blank web page, in this time i was struggling with C++ in my college, but after i found this true magic i throw all of this away.

For the first time i including an image to my page and writing my first CSS style line, i feel a power.

Then the big love story between me and the web development has been started.

After some heavy practice and CMS developing, the HTML start to fade away, and when someone ask me about it in an interview, i say in my mind “this man is silly“.

But latter when i see some thing like this i quote Chrome Experiments in

It is not your mother’s HTML.

This evolution which tilted HTML5, which brings a new dimension in web development, a massive amount of flexibility and performance measures to web applications and give alternatives to somethings like flash and serverlight.

There is many and many new features included in HTML5, which i promise to discuss separately but to that time, i leave you with the magic.

But remember “IT IS NO YOUR MOTHER’s HTML”

Chrome Experiments

Don’t only know what you just want !!

If you say “i know something”, do you really mean it?!

Actually, during my learning path in web development field, when i face something that i don’t know how it works, or even i don’t know how to accomplish a specific task, i go through Google and start looking for a way to perform it, when i just find what i want and everything work as it suppose to, i close the page and search for another task, this give me the feeling that i know that something, but do i really know it?!!.

Unfortunately NO :-S

As every time i go to my team leader and told him that i perform the task, he stare to me and say your ambition is clearly high but you have a lack of the ability to self-improve, this make me confused, HOW COME?!!, i perform my task in the best way ever and in the same time i learn something new.

But once i give myself a break and thinking about this, i found that every technology i use is containing a huge amount of details, and sticky methods which looks alike, really i don’t know which is the factors that makes me use this and leave that.

A simple example is why i use <em> and <strong> while i don’t use <i> and <b> [which basically do the same thing], the short answer which will come first to my head is the <em> and <strong> tags are more popular, but after a small search i know that is not true and there is a difference.

This leads me to have a conclusion which tell me that i will not just know what make me perform a task, but i will know every thing that i can arrive to 🙂

Why Now !!!!

I start asking my self, why now !!!

Why i should start a blog now, why i should start write my daily notes about my work, knowledge, and everything i meet in my daily life including politics, arts and every thing i live with.
The answer wasn’t far away, it just was under my feet, the answer was to “SEEK THE PEAK “.

In the past two months, i reviewed a massive number of blogs, which share a huge amount of knowledge, start asking how they get this knowledge, the answer was simple, it comes from each other, and this is the key, when you share knowledge ,  and get a comment from a reviewer -who know that thing from another perspective-  that make it a double, and so on.

This is why i start blogging and i hope to produce something useful, and provide something different 😉 .